Royal Court


Mermaid Bekah

Pronouns: She/Her

Mermaid Bekah is an Indigenous freshwater mermaid from Pennsylvania. She has always been a water baby, started swim lessons at only 6 months old. Mermaid Bekah has been mermaiding for about 13 years and is a certified SSI Ocean Mermaid. She also runs the Pennsylvania Mermaid Pod.

Mermaid Echo

Pronouns: Echo the character she/her, Echo the human they/them

Mermaid Echo is an international award winning aquarium performer and aquatic educator. They are Wisconsin’s premiere professional mermaid, specializing in children’s conservation education. Mermaid Echo Entertainment LLC works to inspire the next generation to care for at-risk aquatic ecosystems through storytelling and hands-on learning. Echo is a certified PADI Mermaid Instructor, Open Water Diver and Red Cross Lifeguard who centers safety in their events and curriculum. They have over 7 years of experience in one-on-one childhood development and aquatic education, and have been running Mermaid Echo Entertainment LLC since 2016. They currently hold the titles Merfolk Monarch International, Ocean Ambassador, and Mx. Mermaid Wisconsin 2021.

Mermaid Mist

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Mist is a princess from the Sea of Capricorn who travels with pirates on a mission to unite the seven seas.

Olive the Alchemist

Pronouns: they/them

The title “Olive the Alchemist” comes from honoring the countless tiny tasks that I do that go into being a real mermaid princess. Breath holds, swimming skill, poise and grace, compassion, water competency, camera ability, post production skills, empathy, improvisation training, certifications, insurance; Each skill on its own seems entirely nonspiritual, but when combined, can create a truly magical presence online that is a powerful message of hope. I consider myself a mermaid because being one has helped me share the most authentic version of myself as well as a message of hope and togetherness with other humans who have felt the same way I do and need acceptance, too.

Mermaid Storm – The Valkyrie Mermaid

Pronouns: She/Her

Mermaid Storm – The Valkyrie Mermaid began her voyage as a Professional Mermaid in 2014 and has trained along side many of our industry’s finest. You may have seen her grace the Sacramento DiveBar’s tank during her featured swim as a Mermaid for a Night after winning their 2018 competition. After beginning her own business she is mainly seen gracing the shores of your local California Golden Goblin Productions Renaissance Faire!


Pronouns: She/They

I originated in the warm waters off Mykonos Island, but when still very young I fled far north and then inland to escape human hunters that captured and killed my pod. Thinking myself safe, I made a home in the lakes and rivers, far from the warm waters I was used to. When humans came inland again I did not flee. Grown now and much stronger, I sought to band together the other freshwater merfolk, to hold fast and fight back.

Yl’luria, the Crystalline Siren

Pronouns: She/her

I have always, always felt at Home in the water. Due to my vision, I could swim before I could walk, and as I grew up, both because of my eyes and my size, I found I could do AMAZING things underwater, that I could never possibly do on land. In the water I’m not afraid to open my eyes, nor to take a tumble off a stair or sidewalk crevice I don’t see, there are no unexpected falls or walls.. and when I’m underwater it’s a WORLD of freedom, wonder & never-ending discovery & peace. So when I first saw “Splash” as a kid, my soul just said “yes, THAT’S it. That’s my heart.” Later I ended up seeing the mers at Weeki Watchee as a teen, and wanted SO badly to join them, but because of my weight feared I wouldn’t be accepted. But I kept an eye on how tails were gradually becoming more available to interested parties, and just held onto my dreams. Then, decades later, after seeing some amazingly motivational videos by Joy Nash (called “Fat Rants, 1-3), I decided to pursue my dream of trying bellydance. I got immediately hooked, & years later, while researching bellydance opportunities in a city for a potential move, I just decided on a whim to google “Portland” & “mermaids.” From there I found the Northwest Mer Pod, saw my first plus size mermaid, and burst into tears.. with the realization that my dream could FINALLY become a reality… So I crossed the country to pursue my dreams of becoming a mermaid & performer, and this is where I found my pod, my life’s path, and now this world incorporates everything I love into one beautiful, empowering realm, and allows me to live my own dream, while inspiring & teaching others.


Emily the Joliet Mermaid

Pronouns: she/ her

Raised in the crystal clear waters of the Florida Springs, Mermaid Emily made her way north and now calls the waters of Lake Michigan her home.
Emily’s love of mermaids started, like many, with Disney’s the Little Mermaid. She also visited the mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs as a child and has longed to be one ever since! As an adult, finding the Illinois Merpod is what really got her “hooked”, having places to swim, and friends to swim with. She now performs professionally with the Windy City Mermaids.


Pronouns: He him

I became a merman in pursuit of my lifelong passion and love of mermaids.

Gwen Ruby

Pronouns: she/her

My love for mermaids in general began when I first saw The Little Mermaid at the El Capitan. Not only was it my first viewing of the film, it was my first in-theatre movie EVER. The film also left an indelible mark on me for my love of redheads in addition to the fact that my mother is a redhead. All this to say that I fell in love with the girl who wanted to explore beyond her own world. This sparked an interest in me to further explore underwater sea life and the deepest, creepiest parts of the ocean. I get my energy from fresh water and have vowed to always live within driving distance of natural bodies of water.

The Hawaiian Mermaid (Kalani)

Pronouns: she/her

I am The Hawaiian Mermaid. I started teaching special education swim lessons and would tell my students that I was a mermaid. They would run to their friends and say that they learned how to swim from an actual mermaid. Once I graduated college I decided to take on my role to further help the community.

Mermaid Meranda

Pronouns: She/Her

Meranda, like most mermaids, is fascinated with the human world. She is 528 years old and is still learning! My most favorite thing to do is chat to the little ones about her adventures, she loves watching the way their eyes light up when she tells them about all of her sea friends and when they giggle uncontrollably when she tells them that fins are ticklish.

I decided to become a merperson when I realized how much magic it can bring to kiddos, and magic and imagination is very important to me, I think it really allows kids to be kids and if I can be that link for them, then my job is done.

Mermaid Minnow

Pronouns: she/her

Hey Merfam, it’s Mermaid Minnow! I’m a forest dwelling river Mermaid who enjoys lazily swimming around and bathing in th e sun. I tend to be a little shy around people I don’t know but as soon as you get to know me, you’ll find that I love splashing and goofing around!

I first decided to become a mermaid after seeing a fashion Instagram account post a photo of them in a mermaid tail. I was completely mesmerized by the idea of people being real mermaids, and wanted a new way to be active. So it wasn’t long after that that I got my first mermaid tail and the rest is merstory!

Mermaid Montara

Pronouns: She/her

I became interested in mermaiding after seeing how Hannah Mermaid used her mermaid and underwater modeling career as a platform to discuss environmentalism and conservation. I was asked to perform at a LARP I had previously worked for when a professional called out and I’ve never looked back!

Mermaid Montara is a shy, bubbly mermaid who travels to meet new people and teach about the oceans and their inhabitants. Much like in the ocean, the people on land come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Mermaid Montara is an advocate for inclusion and body positivity and also encourages healthy living and an active lifestyle.