Mermaid at Any Age encourages the safe participation and appreciation of mermaiding

Mermaid At Any Age

Our mission is to provide merfolk from all the realms with inspiration and resources to live their fullest merlife. Whether your tail is silicone or fabric, you represent with just leggings or earrings, all mermaids are valid.

Mermaid At Any Age

We Believe In

Water Safety for All

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Aquatic Conservation

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Equitable Representation

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Our Goals

Mermaid at Any Age has big plans!  With the establishment of the first ever Royal Court, we plan to make waves in the mermaid industry.

Education on the Safe Use of Mermaid Tails

Every summer, despite tail makers providing either safety instructions or general warnings, there is inevitably a news story about some child who has nearly drowned. Mermaid tails are depicted as dangerous, rather than pointing out that proper safety procedures were not followed.

One of our main goals is to teach the public about water competency. We hope to educate current and future merfolk and their loved ones about the safe use of mermaid tails by providing links from established entities as well as creating .pdfs and videos featuring community members.

Monofin Acceptance at Local Pools

Around the world, mermaiding as a sport is growing in popularity, but in the Americas it is still seen as fantasy or frivolous child's play.

We believe that by creating safety standards, we can change the minds of local city-owned pools.  The Royal Court will begin to contact their local representatives to start a dialogue around creating something like a swim test so that water competent swimmers can safely use their tails in municipal pools.

Make Donations Charitable Causes

Money raised through membership drives and the annual Royal Court selection process, will support the three pillars of Mermaid at Any Age.

Each year the Royal Court will decide upon the charities that the fundraising will support.

Establish a Board of Directors

In order to qualify as a 501(c)(3), a Board and governing rules must be created. One of the first tasks of the Royal Court is to create by-laws and decide upon who we should elect to be on our Board of Directors.



Mermaid Tiva created Mermaid at Any Age in 2021 when she realized that there were thousands of people who loved mermaids, who may even wanted to be a mermaid, but did not see themselves represented. She wanted to create a space where information could be found, merfolk could be celebrated, and a way to support the world's waters and their inhabitants could be created. Mermaids are timeless.

Women are especially targeted (or more aptly, left out) when they reach ‘a certain’ age, where if they aren’t married, don’t have children, are a little too whimsical, aren’t a Western-standard size, speak a little too loudly - and the list goes on- that they don’t get to enjoy life, that their contribution to society has stopped. Tiva wanted to change that narrative and was determined to make waves.

While we use the term mermaid at Mermaid at Any Age, as it currently represents approximately 80% of the merfolk population, merfolk in all their expressions are welcome.


Mermaid Tiva can be reached at TivasTreasures@gmail.com

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