Royal Court Application

Thank you for your interest in the Mermaid at Any Age Royal Court.

Applications for the 2022-23 Royal Court are closed.

Do You...

  • Do you identify as being a mermaid, merman or other member of the merfolk family?
  • Are you over the age of 18 years old?
  • Have you joined the Mermaid at Any Age
    Facebook Group?

You are invited to apply to represent the Royal Court!

A black mermaid with a simple smile sits on a rock. She has a green tail. She wears a purple shell bra, a gold tiara and gold bracelets.

A new court is chosen every Spring in time for the upcoming mermaid season.

Applications are open from March 5th to 11:59 PST March 31st.


0-2 Years Experience

Lord, Lady or Liege

of the Lake

3-5 Years Experience

Ocean Ambassador

5+ Years Experience


Becoming a member of the Royal Court is a volunteer position. As such, upon coronation, we will request that you fulfill some duties over the course of your reign.


We understand that merfolk make mistakes. If you cause harm during your tenure as a member of the court, the remaining court will convene to discuss what disciplinary steps to take. We believe that sometimes, it is appropriate to recommend actions towards restorative justice, and sometimes stripping an individual of their title may be the prudent approach.


Apply Now

Is this an in-person, virtual or hybrid event?

The application process itself is virtual, we have created an in-person coronation for merfolk who are able to attend.

What are you looking for in a member of your Royal Court?

We are looking for passionate and fun merpeople who want to share their love of ‘mermaiding,’ make an impact in their local community, and want to also further the ideas of inclusion, water safety and ocean conservation. We are looking for individuals who are just finding their voice as well as merfolk who are established. There is no swimming requirement to be a member of the Royal Court.

I am under 18, can I apply?

Due to COPPA rules, and unforeseen threats to underage individuals, we at Mermaids at Any Age do not feel that we could provide adequate protection to our underage merfamily.

I do not live in the United States. Can I apply?

Yes!  We are looking for merfolk from all parts of the world.

Will I get booked for work?

Mermaid at Any Age does not hire out members of the Royal Court.  Members are welcome to use their title as part of their press kit or publicity, but we are not a booking entity.  Anyone looking to hire a Royal member must contact them individually.

How do you define experience?

How long have you been active as a mermaid and/or conservationist and/or activist?

How will the application fee be distributed?

 Of the of the fees collected, half will go to operating costs and the remainder will go to the three charities that the Royal Court agrees upon. We will always be transparent about the amounts we collect. As this is a volunteer position, Court Members will be responsible for their own transportation, lodging and event passes (unless an event or sponsor donates passes to the Court).