Mermaid At Any Age

Mermaid at Any Age encourages the safe participation and appreciation of mermaiding

Welcome Merfolk of all the Realms

We believe that all individuals regardless of ability, race, age, gender representation, or sexuality can enjoy the sport and art of mermaiding.  Through conservation, education, and engagement, members of Mermaid at Any Age will bring out the MERMAID in everyone.
A black mermaid with a simple smile sits on a rock. She has a green tail. She wears a purple shell bra, a gold tiara and gold bracelets.

We Seek To


our negative impact on the environment


diversity, equity, and inclusion for every person in every community; create a welcoming environment


all beings and humility regarding our Mother Earth; be both teacher and student


safe practices at all times; develop a culture that supports water safety, conservation, and equitable representation


individuals’ abilities, visible qualities, and invisible qualities; you are valued as you are


the world in positive and empowering ways


ways to continue being a beacon of hope to others and the environment

Our Three Pillars

Water Safety for All

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Ocean Conservation

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Equitable Representation

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  • Education on the safe use of mermaid tails
  • Monofin acceptance at local pools
  • Make donations to charitable causes
  • Edutainment at schools, faires etc. 
  • Help make the community a more welcoming place
And image of a water circle